Energy sector

Renewable and non-renewable services (oil, hydro, solar wind and biogas)

  • Hydropower development on the River Nile and its major tributaries i.e. Bedden, Lakki, Shukoli and Fula which are potential waterfalls.

  • Transformer and electric cable manufacturing

  • Supply and installation of solar power systems

  • Wind power Generation

  • Exploration and extraction of Hydrocarbons and Petroleum

  • Biofuel production

  • Renewable energy

  • Cross border power supply from Gambella – Ethiopia to supply electricity to Jonglei, Upper Nile, Central Equatoria and Eastern Equatoria States of South Sudan

  • Extending power supply from Kosti to Renk and beyond in Upper Nile and Unity States

  • Need to build an oil refinery in South Sudan. At present, oil refineries are in the North (Al Geili, El Obeid, etc)