Welcome Message

The Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan since its inception in 2012 is to provide you with the limitless opportunities that is available in South Sudan. As a bridge between the Government, people of South Sudan and you, the Embassy is here to serve you better.

As the Ambassador of South Sudan to Nigeria, I welcome you. This Embassy covers the entire West African States by virtue of being the only South Sudan Embassy in West Africa.

This website will provide information about South Sudan, her government, economy, history and investment opportunities. It will also provide you with information on our relationship with other institutions.

The leadership of the Embassy will always ensure that a durable partnership is formed with relevant institutions to continue fostering the bilateral relation with Nigeria and other West African countries. The Embassy is proactively exploring all frontiers in achieving and maintaining the already established bilateral relations with Nigeria and the other countries in West Africa through the synergy of institutions and wealth of experiences available.

As a growing economy, South Sudan boasts of abundant resources to be explored. Our strength lies in working together to uphold international law and treaties that will in turn assist in wealth creation for the overall good of all South Sudanese and others.

The Government of South Sudan has mapped out roadmaps in the revitalized Peace Agreement that will ensure that peace is maintained all through the country. This will further strengthen its relations with the world at large.

It is on this premise that I invite you to discover the potentials in the Republic of South Sudan.

H.E. David Buom Choat

Ambassador Extraodinary and Plenipotentiary